Year 2018
MentalStones Delta del Ebro

Disco is vertebrate into different elements that connect and dialogue with its natural environment and, as a whole, refer to a foreign and unknown field of experience, which highlights this possible new ecology between conscious machines / objects and nature.

Film 3:51
Directed by Lolo & Sosaku
Cinematography by Claudia Mallart Toupy, Michell Rivas Canal - SVC
Edit by Lolo & Sosaku
Color by Lolo & Sosaku,Patricio Benadon Oks
Drone camera by Oscar Farina

Disco is a project by Lolo and Sosaku that arose from an invitation from Mental Stones, a permanent installation by Tito Díaz located in an olive grove in the Ebro Delta region and, in turn, a site-specific intervention program linked to El Estado Mental.